Romeo’s Head Nudge Wake up Tactic

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This morning I went the cute route.

Here comes the head nudge. Don’t even try to resist. You know you can’t.

Female staff was slumbering peacefully and there was plenty of room on her pillow for me to squeeze between her head and the wall. So, that’s what I did.

I groomed for a minute or two and then decided I felt like head-nudging. Are you familiar with head nudging? It’s when your cat smushes his face against the back or top of his human’s head or sometimes, cat face against human forehead.

Today I started with the cat forehead to human back-of-head nudge. Of course, during all of this, the purr machine was turned on high.

Then, I rolled my face around on the back of the human’s head. Then stopped and paused. Purred.

Then rolled my nose onto the human’s head. This made me sneeze. Three times in a row. Paused. Purred.

I recommenced the rolling of the cheek and then forehead to back of head again. Then several short nudges in a row. Nudge. Nudge. Nudge. Purr.

Suddenly a hand came up and scritched me on the head. Sleepy voice said, “Hiiiiiii Romeo. Let’s get up.”

And so we did!

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