Petfinder co-founder passes her baton

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For the last 17 years, really since the moment I first imagined putting adoptable pets online, it has been difficult to know where I stop and Petfinder begins. Confusing yourself with a website has its ups and downs. Mostly ups, if your identity confusion is with a place like Petfinder. “Me, my website, and I” are honored to be “Auntie” to almost 23 million adopted pets.

Betsy Banks Saul

It has been a great 17 years, but Betsy is stepping aside to focus on other ventures.

However, fueled by my sweet, old hound, Jim, I’ve recently turned some of my attention to issues with the sort of healthcare we can give our beloved pets. This coincides with Petfinder being acquired by Purina, a company I’ve always trusted with the Petfinder brand.

So it is a natural time for me to clear up my identity confusion. I will re-find my own voice and enjoy hearing the many voices of the Petfinder team carry on a tradition of honest and innovative discourse promoting pet adoption. Over the coming months, members of the outstanding Petfinder team will be sharing their news about what’s happening. This month, our lead developer, Trevor shares some Petfinder tech secrets.

I’ll be around though. Find me at the Petfinder Foundation or at or follow me on Twitter. I want to keep in touch. I love you all.