New Petfinder developments are on the way

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Working with everyone at Petfinder is an incredible experience. We’re a diverse group of people who are passionate about pets. This month, we wanted to showcase our awesome lead developer, Trevor.

Q: Hi Trevor. A lot of things are changing at Petfinder and a lot of exciting projects are coming up. Can you tell us a little bit about one of your favorites? What makes it so special and/or successful?

A: I’m very excited about moving our data to the cloud. This gives us a lot of flexibility in terms of the pet data we store and how we can share that with everyone while improving our delivery. For example, the storage for pet photos has been particularly challenging over the years. We moved our photo storage to Amazon Web Services S3. This was a major leap forward for Petfinder as we now have the room to store high quality pet photos in their original form. The next step was our new dynamic photo service that allows us to serve pet photos in any dimension to support flexible design choices. The result is a better visitor experience and better visibility for pets that need homes.

White Great Dane sitting with a duck toy in front of him

Trevor’s blind and deaf Great Dane inspires him to find the best technology solutions to help homeless pets.

Q:  What other big technology projects are on the horizon to help pets get adopted?

A:  The next big technology initiative is our new search platform. Technology has changed a lot since the original pet search and managing pet data has gotten much more complex. There is a need to be able to search for pets on so many dimensions, not just breed, age or gender. We also have to be able to process the valuable data from our members in near real-time to ensure pets get the greatest exposure we can achieve. In the next few months, we will transition to an entirely new system that gives us faster processing and more flexibility in the way people can interact with our pet data.

Q:  Everyone on staff loves your adopted blind and deaf Great Dane, Keller. Can you tell our readers a little bit about him?

A: Keller is the most amazing dog I have ever met. I rescued him when he was nine weeks old. We share a bond that people notice as soon as they see us together. They cannot believe how closely we are connected. He is, quite simply, my best friend and companion.

Does Keller impact your work at all? Or, does your work help you care better for Keller?

Keller impacts my work in so many ways. Even though our paths crossed before he could come into the ‘rescue network’, he is a constant reminder there are so many awesome pets out there needing homes. They need that person that will step up give that pet a new lease on life. I want to help everyone find that pet.

My work definitely helps me care better for Keller. His special needs present some challenges that are easier to deal with working from home. Having him constantly at my side also helps me through the tough times. Synergy! Another great thing about my work is I have access to so many pet experts for the best advice you could imagine.

If you had to describe your relationship to pets OR Petfinder in five words, what would they be?

Life is better with pets!