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Make a homeless dog’s day with pupsicle treats


The best part of my job at the Petfinder Foundation is delivering grants to Petfinder members like HOPE Animal Shelter, which received a Summer Cooling grant to replace the misters in its dog play yards. I knew the misters were eventually going to help HOPE’s dogs be more comfortable in Tucson’s triple-digit heat — but I wanted to bring something that would help them right away. So I made pupsicles, and they were a hit!

Nicky Eats Pupsicle

Nicky, an adoptable Chihuahua mix at HOPE Animal Shelter, loved his pupsicle delivery. (Photo credit: Karen Hollish)

You can get the full pupsicle recipe here. The core concept is easy: Find small containers, add low-sodium chicken broth, freeze and serve! Add cheese cubes or other treats to the mix for extra fun.

Rizzo Looks UP

Rizzo looks up for another pupsicle. (Photo credit: Karen Hollish)

You can try this in your community, too! If you aren’t already acquainted with a local rescue group or shelter, search  Petfinder to find groups in your area. Some organizations have special dietary rules for the dogs in their care, so call or write them first to ask if they’re interested in a pupsicle delivery.

You may be able to give the pupsicles to dogs yourself, but be prepared to have shelter staff take your treats and save them in the freezer for later. Don’t worry, though; you can be sure they WILL be enjoyed!

As we head into the dog days of summer, everyone deserves an extra treat — and especially homeless dogs like Nicky, who will love you forever for your good deed.

Nicky Kisses

After eating his pupsicle, Nicky kisses HOPE Animal Shelter‘s Assistant Manager Brittany Powers. (Photo credit: Karen Hollish)




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