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Happy Tail: The patter of paws returns to this family


Being without a dog after years of having one can be quite a change. The house is quiet; no one seeks you out for attention, and no one greets you with enthusiasm when you return home. It can be downright sad.

The Schaffernoth’s beloved dog had passed away and after a year-and-a-half of no patter of four paws around the house, Kristen felt it was time to bring a new companion into the family.

Mini, a German Shepherd

Read the happy tail in Karen’s own words.

“I had only ever had purebred dogs,” the Glen Falls, NY, woman says, “and was a little apprehensive about a shelter pet — that old adage that you are adopting someone else’s problem.” But she felt adopting a dog was the right thing to do, so she started looking on Petfinder.

She didn’t have a specific breed in mind, but she wanted a young and energetic pooch who could keep up with a busy family. On the SPCA of Upstate New York Petfinder site, she saw the listing for a six-month-old German Shepherd that appealed to her, so she scheduled a visit to the shelter, located in Queensbury, NY, to meet the dog in person. When the shelter attendant ushered the dog in, Kristen said it was love at first sight.

“I was told that because she was a little, well, a lot hyper that other families had decided against her,” Kristen says. To Kristen, that sounded exactly like what their family needed. It was obvious the dog was energetic, but also smart and outgoing. She envisioned endless games of fetch between the dog and her son and hikes on the Adirondack trails with her.

She wasn’t wrong. Mini, as she is named, has fit into the family perfectly, enjoying their activities and the love a family can provide.

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