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Happy Tail: One-eyed pup finds a forever home


For 11 years, the Mazzies of East Meadow, NY, had been raising puppies for the Guide Dog Foundation. The family taught the basics, like house training, socialization and good manners, and then at one-and-a-half years old, the dogs were turned over to the Foundation.

“Giving the dogs up is very hard to do, but the more you do it the easier it becomes,” Pat Mazzie says. “In the end, when you meet the disabled person the dog is matched up with it is all worth it. Their stories are very inspirational.”

Winky the dog

Read the story in Pat’s words.

After all those years, Ken Mazzie wanted a break and a dog of his own. He started searching on Petfinder. “The first time I saw Winky’s photo, I felt sorry for her,” he says.

When found, the pup was suffering from an eye infection; her left eye had to be removed. Her coat was matted and flea-ridden. Precious Pups Rescue in Lake Ronkonkoma, NY, listed her on Petfinder, and Ken spotted her.

“The one-eye thing didn’t bother me at all,” he says. “I set up an appointment to see her and, after spending some time with her, … I knew this dog needed a new start with a good home. So I asked to adopt her. As I drove home, she sat on the front floor of the car and shivered with fear. I knew she had been through a lot and I had made the right choice.”

His wife wasn’t surprised. He’d once brought home a three-legged cat. He had also sparked their work with the Guide Dog Foundation. “He knows that once he brings the animals into our home … I quickly fall in love with them,” Pat says. “Now Winky is my pal and she sleeps cuddled up alongside me each night.”

Through Petfinder, Winky happened onto the perfect match.

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