Watch out for this shameful scam!

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A shameful scam has popped up in the animal welfare world. It has been dubbed “pet flipping,” a too-flip name for a reprehensible practice. The perpetrators often will steal a dog or find one listed as a “found pet” on a site like Craigslist, claim it, and then sell it. The practice is on the rise, according to an article by Brad Tuttle in Time online.

Bonnie, up for adoption at FOWA in Wayne, NJ, has already been microchipped for her own protection.

The story of Elizabeth Arroyo and her dog, Raiden, who turned up for sale on Craigslist, is related in detail in an article by Brian Wilson. Arroyo posed as a potential buyer and, once she made sure it was her dog, she agreed to pay the seller. Instead of heading for an ATM, she and her father went to the police.

Purebreds are particularly vulnerable to “flipping” because people figure they can make a lot of money by breeding them and selling the pups. This is one more reason to have your pet spayed or neutered; it will be less valuable to would-be dog “flippers.” (And, as my earlier blog reported, neutered pets live longer as well.)

Microchipping your pet is another safety measure. A microchip will prove, should it be necessary, that a stolen pet you find listed on a website for sale, is actually your pet.

Meanwhile, you just have to wonder how people can be so devoid of moral consciences.