Romeo’s Unexpected Wake up Assistant

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I live with small human creatures. I know, feel sorry for me.

Actually, don’t tell anyone I said this but shh….they’re not so bad. The staff has taught them to be super gentle with cats and they’ve learned how to dole out treats and swing dangly toys around.

Plus, they have really comfy beds, which leads me to my story about what happened this morning. I was sitting in the 5-year-old creature’s bed, minding my biz, when suddenly the creature screamed (big noise for a little tot, I might add), “MOOOOOOOMMMMMYYYYYY! WOMEO IS IN MY BED! AND HE’S PURRRRING TOO LOUD!”

Wha? At first I was upset. PURRING too loudly? But then, I realized the staff was headed into the room to investigate the ruckus. When she discovered what was going on, she laughed and, much to my delight said, “Well, Romeo, it’s almost time to get up anyway. We might as well get you some BREAKFAST.”


See? I told you the creatures aren’t so bad. Even if they don’t appreciate purring.

Thanks, little one.

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