Romeo’s Ricochet Wake up

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Good morning! Today’s wake up strategy is yet another one that falls in the category of “Not My Fault, People!”

Let’s not point fingers. Who left the pen on the floor, eh?

There was a pen on the floor. Why it was there, I can’t even venture to guess, but it was there. On the hardwood floor. Right outside the tile floored bathroom.

I wasn’t even meaning to wake anyone up…yet. But there we were….the pen….and me.

I gave it a little bat and it twirled delightfully around on the floor. So I batted it again and it flew across the room and hit the wall. Then, I inched it along the wall and into the bathroom where I whapped it again and it ricocheted off the wall and behind the toilet. It took a bit of pawing work to get it out from there and I knocked over the garbage can in the process. Whoops.

The bedroom light came on and the staff peeked in the bathroom, looking a little alarmed. Then, mad. Then, she looked at the clock and shook her head. “You’re a stinker,” she said.

For a moment, time stood still.

Then, to my relief, she went downstairs and served BREAKFAST so stinker or not, I must not be all that bad.