Romeo’s Flying Squirrel Wake up Tactic

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So, today’s wake up strategy wasn’t really a strategy per se. It was more of a happy accident and honestly, the staff has no one to blame but themselves.

What should I have done? Huh?

Here’s what happened: each morning, before I delve into my wake up shenanigans I like to pause and ponder for a bit. I like to survey the scene, consider all possible options and come up with a Plan B and sometimes even a Plan C.

I was preparing to jump from the bed to my favorite pre-wake up thinking spot on the wicker trunk. Only someone (not mentioning any names, staff) had placed a full laundry basket on top of it.

I was annoyed at first but the laundry looked pretty comfy so I decided to give it a shot as a good place to ponder and I jumped.

I missed and I caught the edge of the basket with my frontsies.

But it wasn’t enough.

Romeo, the basket and comfy-looking clothes went flying everywhere.

Staff was up immediately. I scared the PJs off them! When they surveyed the mess of laundry on the floor, they figured out what had occurred and started laughing.

I, of course, was casually grooming a few feet away. They can think what they want.

BREAKFAST came soon after and it was delicious. Niiiiiiice.

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