Mayor Booker is a Tweet heart

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Cory Booker has done it again. Huff Post reports that the mayor of Newark, NJ, has come to the rescue of a pet that was allegedly being abused. One of his “followers” on Twitter alerted him at 8:33 p.m., June 27, that the dog was locked in a tiny crate, and the mayor sprang into action, first responding, “Where? I’ll go investigate now.”

Maybelline at Bama Bully Rescue

Maybelline is awaiting adoption at Bama Bully Rescue in Fultondale, AL.

Two minutes later, with the location pinpointed, he responded, “I’m on my way right now.” Now that’s responsive. Once he observed the pooch’s condition and determined that the dog was indeed in a neglected state, he called the humane society, which took the dog into its care.

This wasn’t the first time the mayor has shown firsthand concern for pets. In January, again reported by Huff Post, he rescued a dog from the cold, also in response to a Tweet.

Of course, humans are also his concern. In April 2012, he saved a neighbor from a burning house and suffered second degree burns and smoke inhalation as a result.

He may have political detractors, but we have to say he ranks up there with our humane heroes.