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Here’s What You Said: How do you keep your pets safe?


One of the inconveniences of summer is how to deal with a pet that loves to be on the go with you when extreme weather threatens his or her safety.

My husband and I are rather indulgent pet parents. Our dog visibly deflates when I pick up my purse (a sign he has detected that means we’re going out) and tell him he has to “watch the house,” so we tend to take him along. We’ve found stores where he is welcome and restaurants with outdoor seating where he’s allowed. We’ve found many waiters bring him a bowl of water (although we get him one, if they don’t), and many drive-thrus (like the pharmacy and the bank) give him treats. We also carry a water bowl in the car.

We asked our Facebook friends to comment on how they keep their pets safe while running errands in the summer.

Bunny on errand

This bunny hops into his tote to “run” errands with his “mom,” Meredith N.

Nearly 100 percent of you said you leave them at home with the air conditioning running.

  • Maria C., says she leaves her pets home in the air conditioning. “Too hot to be traveling with me in a car.”
  • Karen Z. says, “They’ll be lounging on my bed with the AC on. My horses will be in their stalls out of the sun with fans blowing on them.”
  • Brenda A. uses fans to keep her pet cool and also gives him a chicken broth ice pop.
  • Vera B. makes sure a human is in the car with her pet at all times — with the air conditioner on.
  • Becky B. drops her dog off at “a posh, air-conditioned day care for a few hours of playtime.”
  • Brenda A. says her dogs will be staying home while she runs her errands. “Better safe than sorry,” she adds.
  • Andrea S. has cats that stay home so that they can “be their lazy selves.”
  • Laura P. says, “Our pets stay home in air conditioning with fresh-filled water bowls.”

Our summer safety tips can help make you aware of dangers, so share tips on your Facebook page.

Have a safe summer!

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