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Happy Tail: Quills didn’t puncture dog’s spirit


The Prowants of Grand Rapids, MI, had known for a long time they wanted to adopt a dog, but as they checked out several on Petfinder, none of them quite clicked — until Anne Prowant saw Quill. But it wasn’t only his cute face that attracted her. His story touched her heart as well.

Quill Prowant

Read the story in Anne’s words.

Quill had had an unfortunate encounter with a porcupine. He was found in an abandoned house with his face and legs covered with painful quills

By the time he was listed for adoption on Petfinder by Kelley’s Heart-to-Heart Adoption Center, he had already endured three surgeries to remove the quills, but one or two still lingered under the skin, Anne says, “and he had a little touch of arthritis in one of his front paws where the quills reached down to the bone.”

“Despite all the horrible things he had been through,” she says, “the description said he was the sweetest, bravest dog. I knew then and there I had to meet him.”

Anne’s husband had to work late, so she went to the shelter alone for that first meeting. “When the staff brought him out, he ran up to me to give me a kiss and then rolled over on his back for me to rub his belly.” It was as if he knew this woman was going to be his new “mom.”

The next night, she took her husband to meet Quill. In spite of some doubts about whether the dog might have lingering health issues because of the quills, her husband was immediately won over, and the couple adopted him.

Quill’s unfortunate experience is now just a memory as he cuddles and snuggles his way even more firmly into his new family. As for the Prowants, they don’t know how they ever did without him.

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