Fun photos and unusual pets – brought to you by Petfinder members!

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Many people come to Petfinder every day to find the perfect dog or cat for their family. But what about coming here for the perfect hamster, turtle, frog or even cow?

Timberlake the frog

Timberlake the frog is looking for a forever home in the Rockville, MD area. He is available through the Montgomery County Humane Society.

People are usually surprised when I inform them that they can search for animals such as hermit crabs and even goldfish on Petfinder. Our members don’t discriminate – if it needs a home, they are willing to stand up and help! Midgard Serpents Reptile Rescue in Cameron, NC did just that when Kitty the Catfish needed a new home, and a safe place to stay in the meantime.

Kitty the fish

Do you have a pond or very large tank with space to adopt this Channel Catfish? Kitty the Catfish is looking for a permanent home!

Some of the pets aren’t that surprising to find, such a adoptable rabbits. But that doesn’t mean the pictures have to be boring! There are almost 5,000 adoptable rabbits available for adoption on Petfinder as I write this. Sometimes an interesting picture is what it takes to make that one stick out from the others. As you can see in the photos below, Red Door Animal Shelter did a great job of making Kringle stick out from the others, as did K&R Small Animal Sanctuary with their adoptable bunny Colada.

Kringle Bunny from Red Door Animal Shelter

Kringle the bunny is currently available for adoption from the Red Door Animal Shelter.

Colada the bunny

Colada the bunny is currently available for adoption, and looks great with this striking blue background!

Right now, there are 1,165 guinea pigs looking for homes on Petfinder. The Animal Welfare League of Arlington has taken an adorable picture to make Maxie stick out among the others!

Maxie the Guinea Pig

Having these cute ADOPT blocks helps Maxie stick out a little bit more among the many other adoptable Guinea Pigs.

Looking for something a little more unusual? Check out Skunk Haven’s adoptable pet list. Or, if you’re looking for something a little less, er, fluffy – you can visit The Hedgehog Welfare Society‘s site. You can find so many different pets by searching Petfinder. If you aren’t quite sure what you are looking for, you can click on one of the sections in this link for a list of all options currently available on Petfinder. Before I go, I have to take a moment to show one of those cows I spoke of in the first paragraph. Meet Norman, available from Hillcrest Animal Rescue in McKinney, TX. Enjoy!

Norman the Cow

Norman the cow is looking for a nice home. Do you have the space for Norman?