Romeo’s Cover Your Bases Wake up Strategy

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I like to know when my BREAKFAST will be served and by whom. I don’t think that’s unreasonable.

I am a man who likes his routine.

And, honestly, I don’t really care who the “whom” is, but I really need to know in order to craft my wake up strategy accordingly. The staff members have been very inconsistent lately, which is messing with my program so I never quite know where I need to put focus in order to get things moving.

For example, yesterday the female hauled her butt out of bed to prepare the nibbles. Saturday, female staff and male staff were both awake and the male served it. The day before that, it was the male who was up and at ’em early. What’s a cat to do?

I’ve decided that I’m going to have to cast my net a little wider each morning to make sure someone is on top of cat service. While this doubles my morning workload, I certainly do not want to be caught off guard and miss a meal.

Today, just to show them where I am coming from, I stepped on female staff member’s face to get to male staff member. This woke her up immediately. Then, I put my furry face right into the male staff member’s face and MEOWMEOWMEOWMEOWed. Then, I turned back to the female (who was rubbing her face) and sneezed on her cheek. Then, I pivoted back to the male and MEOWMEOWMEOWMEOWMEOWMEOWed again, with a head butt to the neck for good measure.

Cat feeding is serious business, people.

Soon, BREAKFAST was served by both parties. I hope they are beginning to understand that if they are going to mess with the cat, they’re going to get the horns. Or…something like that.

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