Pit Bull Mom: My dogs are better trainers than I am


I am in no way shape or form a dog trainer. Let’s start off with that. I am, however a dog lover and someone who surrounds herself with dogs all the time, both at work and at home. So, even though I have no training background, I do know dogs and I love dogs and I enjoy working with dogs who really need me.

The other week, I was at my local shelter and there was a dog who had been brought in by animal control. As I live in a small community, I knew about the feral dog that animal control had been trying to get a hold of for quite some time now, however, I was unaware that she had recently had another litter. But she had and animal control brought in her three-month-old puppy who had never experienced human contact and was absolutely terrified. My motto is usually “why not, it couldn’t hurt to try”,so, I took the little terrified dog home, despite the fact that he tried everything to get away from me, from biting to squirming to urinating on me… (note — talk to a trainer and be sure that you’re experienced before even thinking of trying this yourself).

I got him into my house and in no time, my dogs came to see the little visitor. People were foreign to him and ever so frightening, but dogs, dogs he knew. He follows my dogs everywhere! Inside, outside, in the kitchen, on the couch, wherever they are, he follows. So, it seems only inevitable that when my dogs come to me, he will follow. So, in time, my dogs will teach him that people are OK. In time, my dogs will teach the little guy that we are providers of food. In time, my dogs will teach this little guy that a pat on the head isn’t frightening, but comforting. It’s also likely that in time, my dogs will also teach him how to beg for food and dig up newly planted flowers, but, hey, we take the bad with the good!

He’s coming around. He’s not there yet, but we can now touch him. He doesn’t seek out attention, but he isn’t as opposed to it as he was. So, with the help of my dogs, this little guy will be just fine!