Here’s What You Said: Summertime is funtime


For most of us, summer opens a whole new variety of diversions for our pets. In May we asked you some details about your warm weather activities and favorite summertime memories. Here’s what you said.

Your favorite diversions with your dogs in the summer are walking and hiking. Nice weather makes you want to hit the trails. Some of you included camping with your walking and hiking.

Staying cool is a high priority for others, particularly those of you with cats, who enjoy the luxury of air-conditioning. But check out these two cool responses.

  •  Kim C. lives in Arizona where temperatures often soar to over 110 degrees come summer. “We fill a small kiddie pool for our Labrador, who sits in it in the morning and late afternoon. We make sure he’s indoors during the hottest part of the day.”
  • Nina L. also has a kiddie-sized pool for her Lab/Husky mix. “She runs around the yard and then jumps in the pool and sticks her whole face in the water snorting and such, gets a drink, and jumps out like something is going to get her. She does this for hours until she wears herself out.”

Here are two other yummy responses:

  • Ice cream after a visit to the dog park was Maria N.’s favorite activity with her Siberian Husky.
  • Liz S. also likes to eat ice cream with her cats.

Finally, we asked what your favorite summertime memories with your pets were.

  • Ice cream came up again in Donna M.’s response. She likes eating ice cream sundaes and seeing her cats with whipping cream on their whiskers.
  • Jen O. has a black-and-tan Coonhound/Beagle mix and says her memorable moment came when her dog willingly went into the water for the first time.
  • Fred G. remembers the first time his first dog (a flat-coated Retriever) discovered he could swim.
  • Michele M. wrote, “We were strolling around a pond, watching the ducks and other birds that were hanging out. Unbeknownst to us, our new rescue, a very shy Miniature Poodle, who daintily side-stepped puddles whenever we came upon them, was quite enamored with the ducks. So much so that he launched himself into the pond after them! I think he surprised himself as much as he did us and quickly paddled back to the shore. As far as we know, that is the first time he had ever been in water!”

Her story reminds me of my own favorite summertime dog memory. My husband and I and our dog Barkley were out walking and came upon a pond that was so covered with duckweed that it looked like a golf green. Barkley trotted right onto it as if it were solid ground. It was like a scene out of a Roadrunner cartoon because it seemed as if, after that first step or two onto the pond, he was suspended there for a moment before he dropped like a rock. The pond was shallow, so he scurried out, but if he could have blushed, I think he would have.

That’s my favorite summertime story; thanks for sharing yours. Happy summer!