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Happy Tails: Rescuers bring magic to matchmaking


Laurie Kutoroff of Rahway, NJ, and her partner had a cat named Casper, but they wanted to adopt a second feline companion. They began checking on Petfinder and inquired about a cat at S.A.R.A. (Summit Animal Rescue Association), a rescue group in Berkeley Heights, NJ. After talking to the couple, Julia at S.A.R.A. suggested that a tortoiseshell cat they had named Elmora would be a better fit than the first cat about whom they’d asked.

Cocoabean the Tortoiseshell cat

Read Cocoabean’s story in Laurie’s words.

Elmora “was brought to our home for a ‘meet and greet,'” Laurie says, “and it was love at first sight, in spite of the fact that she was extremely timid and evidently would need some time to acclimate to living with us. Once she curled up into my lap, and burrowed into my arms, I was smitten and bonded with her immediately. I just knew, she was ‘the one.'”

Acclimation did take a bit of time. Cocoabean, as she is now named, hid under the bed for the first two weeks, according to Laurie, but today she is a “confident, talkative, playful, beautiful, funny little clown of a kitty and is great company for our older boy.”

The expertise of people like Julia who work in rescue and get to know the pets in their care is often the magic ingredient that makes matches work.

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