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Happy Tail: Pit-Bull mix Johnny Love is Mr. Cool


Kelli Gibbs’s experience is an object lesson in keeping your options open when adopting a pet. Richmond Animal Care and Control was just down the road from her, so it was her obvious choice for a shelter to visit. But first, from the comfort of home, she visited Petfinder to see who was available for adoption at the shelter.

Johnny Love the dog

Read the story in Kelli’s words.

One of the dogs she saw listed by the shelter on Petfinder was everything she didn’t want: Young, black and part Pit Bull. She crossed him off her list of potentials and then headed to the shelter for some one-on-one visits.

“Of course when I was introduced to dogs who met my ‘criteria’ I thought I wanted, none of them interested me,” she says. Finally she gave in and asked about Johnny Love – the dog who didn’t meet any of her criteria.

“I fell in love with him,” she says. “June 15th is his one-year adoption anniversary,” Kelli says, “and I couldn’t be happier. He gets along with all animals and people, behaves anywhere we go and is the coolest dog all around.”

She advises to find a shelter you like, check out their dogs and perhaps you’ll find your special connection. Just don’t be surprised if the connection surprises you.

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