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Happy Tail: Daisy has bloomed in her forever home


Jennifer R. had her heart set on the cute little dog she spotted on Petfinder and knew that she would be able to surmount any requirements for adoption thrown her way. She was the manager and a vet tech at her family’s animal hospital, and her home was suitable and would pass any home inspection a rescue organization or shelter might require. And indeed, Lonestar Pyrs & Paws – North, the Croydon, NH, rescue that had listed the dog on Petfinder, did approve the Stoughton, MA, couple as potential pet parents. Everything seemed in order — but for one thing. Another equally suitable family had already spoken for the cute little dog.

Daisy the dog

Read Daisy’s story in Jennifer’s words.

Jennifer didn’t give up easily because she felt deeply that this dog was “her” dog.
You might say she hounded the rescue so much that they couldn’t forget her. So when the first adoptive family decided they didn’t want the little dog after all, Jennifer got the call she’d been hoping for.

“You could have told me I won the lottery, I was so excited,” she says.

As it happened, the little dog and her siblings were being brought from a shelter in Kentucky to Vermont, where Jennifer and her husband would meet the transport.

“This was the exact same day that our animal hospital was changing locations,” she says. “We had been moving all morning and felt bad about leaving the rest of the crew to finish up, but this was ‘the day,’ so off we went.” It was a four-hour trip.

The moment they met the pooch, they knew they’d made the right decision about this particular little dog and about leaving the rest of their co-workers to finish the work back home.

On the trip home, they thought about names and chose Daisy, and like a beautiful flower that keeps on blooming, she brings joy to their lives each and every day.

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