Romeo’s Wake up – Choo! Choo!

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Here I am with the floaty thing a while later. I’m still intrigued.

I know I don’t always give the female staff member enough credit. She’s pretty dense most of the time but sometimes I see a glimmer of intelligence and proof that she does, actually, pay attention. This morning I got BREAKFAST without even trying!

It was early. I hadn’t even started my wake up maneuvers yet.  I was in the kitchen investigating a strange floaty thing with what seemed to be a face. I chewed on its tail for a bit but that didn’t taste too great so I tried to bat at it a bit but it moved around.

Finally I just meowed at it. Actually, I yeowled at it to see what it would do. It wasn’t doing much so I kept yeowling and yeowling.

Lost in the intensity of the moment, I barely heard the female staff come into the kitchen. “Romeo! What are you doing?” she said, laughing. I stopped yeowling and looked at her. “Wha?”

And then, you know what? She served BREAKFAST! Incredible. I am amazed at her ability to sense something was happening in the kitchen, intuitively understand I was ready for BREAKFAST and then act on it.

Humans never cease to amaze me.

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