Romeo’s Poofy Blankets Wake up

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Beds are very fun things. And, the poofier the blankets the better. And, as far as wake up tactics are concerned, there is nothing better than seeing a pair of pink feet hanging out of the bottom of a big fluffy down comforter.

Can you see me?

Find me a cat who can resist exposed toesies and I will give you ONE MIIIIILLION DOLLARS.

Anyhoo, this morning I had a ball during the wake up process. First, I pounced on aforementioned toesies belonging to female staff member. Right away I heard a giggle. Then, I found all kinds of imaginary friends and foes to pounce upon all over the bed. The blankets make all kinds of mountains and valleys and fun hiding spots. Am not sure why I don’t do this every day!

It sure didn’t take much pouncing, bouncing, pawing or jumping to rouse both staff members this morning. They weren’t even mad (BONUS), presumably because I’m so darn cute.

Regardless, these moves got the day started and BREAKFAST headed right into my belleh!

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