Petfinder is helping shelters and rescues more than ever before!

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As a Petfinder visitor, you know Petfinder as the online home of more than 300,000 adoptable pets. You also know about our countless articles, videos and more that we hope help you be a better pet parent and connect with other pet parents. Did you know that in addition to offering support to pet parents and adopters, we have a team dedicated to our animal shelter and rescue group members?

Adoptable cat Nancy

Nancy is just one of the many pets you can help!

The Petfinder Outreach Team is small but mighty in our support of the more than 13,600 animal shelters and rescue groups posting their adoptable pets on Petfinder. In addition to providing member organizations with the tool to post their pets on the most popular pet website that is Petfinder, our outreach team provides a wide-range of services for members.

To help better showcase these services, and make them quick and easy for members to find, the members’ side of Petfinder, Petfinder Pro, just underwent a makeover.  Petfinder Pro provides professional resources to help members increase their adoptions, resources and knowledge.  Our newly redesigned site better showcases this content, including free upcoming and pre-recorded webinars, tips to take better photos of adoptable pets, a calendar of professional development events on and offline and more.

We’ll be connecting with our members in new ways too, including a blog with posts by Petfinder, experts in the animal welfare and sheltering field and Petfinder members themselves. Our members can now join us on our professional social media sites. Our outreach team will be connecting with members directly through these new channels and we will be encouraging members to connect with each other as well to share new ideas and stories from their organizations.

Visitors and potential adopters looking at pets on Petfinder will see the results of these collaborative efforts in the form of better pet photos while searching and a great adoption experience when you bring your new best friend home. Most organizations are always in need of new volunteers to walk dogs, entertain cats, take photos or help keep their Petfinder pet list up to date. Check out some of our favorite ways to help shelters and rescues. Maybe we’ll post photos of adoptable pets you’ve helped!