Here’s What You Said: Who are your favorite pet celebs?

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In our April newsletter and on our social media sites, we asked who your favorite celebrity cats and dogs are. Morris the cat, the finicky feline in cat food commercials got the most votes. Garfield of comic strip and cartoon fame, and Homer, a blind cat in Homer’s Odyssey: A Fearless Feline Tale … , tied for second place.

Morris, an adoptable cat

An adoptable Morris is at Muhlenberg County Humane Society in Kentucky.

Here are some other responses:

  • Renee H., who has 11 cats, likes Dewey the library cat.
  • Melissa B. likes Sassy from “Homeward Bound,” the movie that was based on the book, The Incredible Journey. A good read.

Several of you prefer cartoon cats (in addition to Garfield), like Cake, the cat in “Adventure Time” on the Cartoon Network, the Aristocats, Puss in Boots from “Shrek,” and Simon, a comic-strip cat.

As for dogs, the strongest showing came for Lassie with 20% favoring the dog based on the character in a book published in 1940, while 16% named Eddie, the Jack Russell Terrier featured on the TV show “Frasier.”

An adoptable Lassie

Vivian, a Lassie look-alike, is waiting to be adopted in Winston-Salem, NC.

Here are some other dog favorites:

  • Sara likes Old Yeller (of book and movie fame).
  • Nikki W. likes Balto, from an animated film about the real-life hero dog, who led a team (with a human musher) to take diphtheria serum to Nome, AK, to prevent a diphtheria epidemic in 1925.
  • Ellen M. chose Rin Tin Tin, whose adventures in film are older than Lassie’s.
  • Amy M. chose Bob, a stray in the middle-graders’ book The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate.
  • Gale B. likes Benji,who was featured in several movies. The original was a shelter dog named Higgins.
  • Michele S. mentioned several favorites: Boomer from a 1980’s TV show, “Here’s Boomer,” Bo from another TV series, “The Littlest Hobo,” and Buck from Jack London’s Call of the Wild.
  •  Ashley B. liked Verdell, the bacon-loving dog in the movie, “As Good As It Gets.”

We also asked who is your favorite celebrity pet parent? Hands down Betty White won, with a whopping 92% of your votes. The other 8% were largely Katherine Heigl, Ellen DeGeneres and Jennifer Anniston.

Thanks for responding. We love hearing from you — but why didn’t anyone mention Koko, the Siamese sidekick of Qwilleran, Lillian Jackson Braun‘s amateur sleuth in her “The Cat Who … ” series? If you love cats and light mysteries, check these out.