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Happy Tail: This dog serves stateside


This story reminds me that military families also deserve our attention on Memorial Day. The prospect that her Air Force husband would soon be going overseas spurred Carly Whitt to begin searching Petfinder for a canine companion to help ease the loneliness she knew she would suffer.


Read the story in Carly’s words.

She spotted a puppy at Greenville Humane Society in South Carolina, which is about three hours from the couple’s home in Louisville, TN. He looked perfect.

“My husband, who has always been the best partner anyone could ever ask for, filled up the gas tank without any complaints, and we headed on our way,” Carly says. About halfway to Greenville, she decided to call the shelter about the pup. Unfortunately, he had been adopted that morning.

“We were sad, but something kept pulling us towards South Carolina,” she says.

When they arrived at the shelter, they looked at all of the pups, but something drew them to a kennel in one corner.

“My husband opened the door to the most perfect little white-and-brown puppy with the saddest eyes,” Carly says. “He pulled him out, and the puppy licked him right on the tip of the nose! It was love at first sight for us.”

Troy, as he was named, went home with them that day and has been the perfect companion. “I am SO very glad that through Petfinder I was put in touch with the shelter that was housing my perfect little man.”

Now the two of them Skype with Troy’s “dad” and enjoy each other’s company while they eagerly wait for the deployment to be over and for the family to be together again.

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