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Happy Tail: Shepherd pup fits in (almost) seamlessly


Judy Zinn wanted a companion for her 11-year-old German Shepherd, but she also had cats and knew it was important to bring in a young dog who could learn his place in the pack.

Jackson the German Shepherd

Read Jackson’s story in Judy’s words.

She looked on Petfinder and saw three purebred German Shepherd litter mates listed by 57 House All Breed Rescue in Burns, TN. A breeder who was unable to take care of them because of a family emergency had relinquished them to the rescue group. One pup in particular, Apache, caught Judy’s eye, so she applied to adopt him.

After her references were approved and she signed a contract, she had only to wait until her new little guy arrived on a transport from Tennessee. She picked him up in Parsippany, NJ.

“There, I was handed over a six-pound dark little ball of fluff, who cried all the way home to Long Island,” she says.

That didn’t seem like an auspicious beginning, but he and her older German Shepherd bonded quickly, and he settled in. Judy re-named him Action Jackson because he was full of energy.

“The cats were not overly thrilled,” Judy says, “but once they taught him that it was not okay to be too rambunctious, they accepted him into the family pack.”

In the past, Judy has been a Shepherd breeder and exhibitor. “I have had Shepherds for my entire adult life and have yet to meet a better addition to my family [than Jackson],” she says. “It’s interesting that the Tennessee rescue group he came from has never had another purebred Shepherd puppy; Jackson’s littermates were also adopted very quickly. It seems to have been fate that I encountered Jackson’s story on the Petfinder website.”

Fate often seems to play a hand in finding the perfect pet, making a match seem all the more perfect.

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