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Happy Tail: Frodo makes a quest for a new home


When Frodo arrived in an air-conditioned van with other dogs to meet their new pet parents, he seemed shy. And no wonder. It had been a long quest, clear from Tennessee, and he didn’t know how it would end. His early experiences gave him reason to be wary. He had been abused and left in the hot sun without shelter or water. Fortunately, he was rescued and brought from Tennessee by PAWS New England to settle into a loving home.

Frodo, a Dachshund

Read Frodo’s story in Gabriela’s words.

“After getting used to us and his new surroundings,” says his adopter, Gabriella Victoria, who had been through a rigorous vetting process before being chosen for Frodo’s new mom, “he blossomed into a fun-loving, outgoing little guy.” The Attleboro, MA, family also discovered that he had a bark “five times his size. He would never bite, but he would certainly make an excellent guard dog with his loud voice.”

Of course, every hero has his nemesis. For Frodo it’s the self-propelled floor cleaner known as Roomba. “When the little robot goes out to clean,” Gabriela says, “Frodo’s on a mission. Being too afraid to face it head on, he opts to attack from behind, giving it little nibbles to remind it that he’s boss around here.

“He’s the king of our backyard, too,” she adds. “He has very busy days, chasing the small birds and rabbits that visit our lawn. Being a Dachshund isn’t easy!”

Petfinder gave us the best gift anyone could give: a loving best friend. Without Petfinder, we would have never known that our little Frodo was in need of a forever home,” Gabriela says, “and he would have never come into our lives.”

The family didn’t even know they wanted a Dachshund when they began searching on Petfinder, but sometimes things just come together as if they were meant to be. This was one of those times.

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