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Happy Tail: Adopter has to put her best “paw” forward


While in rescue, some kitties don’t put their best paw forward. Kona was one of these. Her littermates showed the right “adoption” stuff and off they went to forever homes. But this little cat cowered in her litter box when potential adopters came to Angelcat Haven adoption days – and she was overlooked.

Kona Barnes

Read more about Kona’s “new” personality in Kathryn’s own words.

Luckily, Kathryn Barnes saw Kona on Petfinder and something about the little cat struck her. “Due to her skittish nature, I was invited to her foster home to meet her in hopes that she would be more comfortable on her ‘turf,'” Kathryn says, and it was love at first meeting.

Of course, you wonder if she might have been having second thoughts as she and Kona headed back to Kathryn’s home in Springfield, MA, with the kitty safely ensconced in a cat carrier. Kona cried and cried, and anyone who has been in the car for a long trip (or even a short one) with a crying cat knows how heart wrenching that can be. Kathryn says her heart was breaking; she had to do something. Against her better judgment, she unzipped a bit of the carrier.

“I slipped my hand in and let her smell my hand and said, ‘It’s OK little one, I’m here.’ She began to lick my hand and laid her head on it. She stayed this way for the entire way home. Since that moment, we have been inseparable.”

So you see? Sometimes it’s important that we put our best “paw” forward and, by so doing, win the heart of a wonderful companion.

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