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Happy Tail: Adopted cat helps mend a broken heart


The passing of her 21-year-old cat, Jazzy Kitty, devastated Joyce Baker of Juneau, AK. Anyone who suffers the death of a pet knows how she felt – as if there were a bottomless hole in her heart. She decided the only way to repair that hole was the love of another kitty.

Diablo the cat

Read Diablo’s story in Joyce’s words.

She had adopted Jazzy Kitty from Gastineau Humane Society in Juneau, so through Petfinder, she logged onto its website.  Her first experience with them had been so good, why not try again?

“There he was,” she says. “My pretty Diablo!”

This was another case of love at first sight, which we at Petfinder hear about all the time. “There was just something about him,” she says. “He captured my heart.”

Though skittish when she first brought him home, he has now come out of his shell to emerge as his true self. “Not a day goes by where we don’t amuse each other,” she says. And the hole left in her heart is gradually knitting over.

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