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Happy Tail: A Pug is the perfect snuggle bug


“It started as an online relationship,” Emma Sills says. It didn’t begin on, but on Petfinder. The object of Emma’s affection was a pug named Wilson.

Wilson the pug

Read Wilson’s story in Emma’s words.

She already had a companion dog, Louie, but he wasn’t a snuggler, and she had always yearned for a dog that would cuddle on the couch. After much reading, she settled on the idea of a Pug, so began searching for one and found Pug Rescue of Florida.

“I had set my eyes mainly on the older pugs without major health issues–I knew they needed homes and completely deserved them,” she says. At first, she didn’t seem to see the perfect match, but she was content to wait, and a few weeks later Mr. Wilson came onto the site.

“He was listed as a ten-year-old pug without any health issues besides being obese, a big snuggle-pug, and an all around very easygoing dog to have around,” Emma says. “It took me a while to work my family up to a dog with a tongue that didn’t fit in his mouth and was always hanging out, but they did warm up. As soon as we all agreed to at least meet him, we scheduled a home visit!” Emma was approved and brought Wilson home.

He had been relinquished to the rescue when his family couldn’t afford his dental care, and most of his teeth needed to be pulled out. Now his tongue hangs out, which gets lots of attention when they take their walks. He loves car rides, and he dons a life jacket and goes on boat rides and swimming in the river.

He and Emma’s other dog, Louie, get along, but she decided Louie needed a livelier playmate, so she adopted another dog, a Yellow Labrador Retriever named Dax. Now it’s one big happy family – thanks to Petfinder.

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