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Happy Tail: A blind eye is no problem for this pup


You just know that Joe and April Muraco of Plaistow, NH, are good people. They were able to, well, turn a blind eye to Tank’s blind eye when they saw him listed on Petfinder. Their goodness let a five-month-old German Shepherd pup find his forever home with them.

Tank, a German Shepherd

Read the story in April’s words.

“What we know about Tank’s history is that he was found as a baby about eight weeks old, alone in Kentucky,” April says. “He was then fostered by Happy Dogs of New England [in Manchester, NH] where it took him quite a while to get adopted because of his cloudy eye. They believe that he is blind in his right eye because of a puncture wound-type injury that he sustained before he was picked up in Kentucky.”

His partial blindness doesn’t dampen his zest for life. He loves taking walks around the lake near the couple’s home, where he gets to nose around with new canine pals, although, according to his new “mom,” he sometimes gets a little overenthusiastic.

Joe and April’s feline family members are rather disgruntled by that same overenthusiasm and are having a bit of a hard time adjusting. “We’re hoping that their relationship will get better as soon as they learn to work around each other,” April says.

The Muracos know he’s a smart pooch and will soon get the hang of things. They say he’s so eager to please that he’s learning some manners on his own, “even though he came to us without any,” April says. “He already has learned to sit before his supper and before he wants to go outside or come inside.”

As good pet parents, the Muracos are enrolling him in obedience classes for a little fine-tuning. The kitties will soon be able to breathe a collective sigh of relief.

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