The legend of Ghost Dog


Somewhere in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park lived a legend. The legend told of a large, brown dog that was seen in fleeting glimpses by park visitors and caretakers, only to be gone a moment later. Sometimes he’d be seen on top a hill watching the morning joggers run by. On occasion he’d even come out of the woods to run around with the dogs who play in the park’s morning off-leash hours and then take off when a human became too curious or got too close. This large and elusive Cane Corso Mastiff became known by the name Ghost Dog and lived in the park for the better part of four years.

Ghost Dog
Ghost Dog as seen in his adoption profile.

Not much was known about the large dog or where he came from. Sometimes he’d be captured in a photograph and there were people who left food out for him, but the Ghost Dog was shy and never let anyone get too close.

Ghost Dog had been closely watched by Brooklyn animal rescuer Sean Casey and his group, Sean Casey Animal Rescue. Finally, in May of 2012 they decided to attempt a rescue after noticing that he was showing signs of a limp. The story of his recue was reported in the NY Post and is really an amazing tale. Now, after being rehabilitated, Ghost Dog is finally ready to find a home of his own. If you’d like to sponsor this legendary boy or apply for adoption visit his Petfinder listing.