The eyes have it

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Working in shelter outreach for Petfinder, I see a lot of adoptable animals on a daily basis. But sometimes there is just something about a particular animal that you can’t get their image out of your head.

Morgan is adoptable.

Morgan is an adoptable cat in Maryland.

Morgan is one of those animals for me. Her eyes are so striking that I’m drawn to her picture over and over again. How this girl hasn’t been adopted yet is beyond me.

If you are near her in Maryland but can’t adopt right now, she is looking for a foster home! There are always animals out there that could use fosters. If you’re browsing and a particular animal catches your eye, consider opening your home to them. If you’re not able to adopt, share his or her profile! You can like their profile so the pet appears on your Facebook wall. You can pin the picture that captured your heart onto Pinterest. You can even tweet about the pet to help find a home!