Romeo’s Wake up Assist: Scratchathon

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People don’t realize how much work I do around here. You know there’s another cat who lives here too, right? His name is Pugsley. Perfect Pugsley.

Persian Cat

Perfect Pugsley. Could he be any cuter? How ANNOYING.

He never gets in any trouble. He always uses the litter box, eats his dinner, lets the kids play with him and takes his pills like a good boy. I get blamed for everything around here. And, BREAKFAST every morning? Pugsley just waits until I get the staff out of bed and then he enjoys the fruits of my labor.

However, once in a while, Pugsley will slip up and inadvertently do something questionable. Like today. The male staff just returned from a trip and had left his suitcase out. This morning, I was as surprised as the staff was to hear an atrocious noise coming from the corner of the room. SCRAAATCH. SCRAAAAAAAAATCH. Pick, pick, pick. SCRAAATCH.

The female and male staff both lifted their heads at the same time and looked at each other. “What was that?” the male asked. Female staff peeked over the bed and started laughing. “Pugsley’s scratching your suitcase. PUG!”

Pug looked at them, all innocent like, sneezed, and walked away from the suitcase.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. The female staff got out of bed, picked him up and said, “You’re so cute, Pug!” Then walked downstairs to prepare BREAKFAST.

He didn’t even get in trouble! What?! See, I told you: Perfect Pugsley.

Oh well. At least we got BREAKFAST right away. Hrumph.

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