Play with adoptable cats from your own computer!

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Earlier this week, I found it impossible to concentrate on one of my conference calls as I was so distracted by Petfinder’s fabulous new Live Adoptable Kitten Cam!  In partnership with iPet Companion, we’ve launched this great feature where you can play with real adoptable cats at eight Petfinder member shelters by moving toys in their cat rooms from your own computer.  It’s an amazing use of technology, brings great visibility and enrichment to kitties that need homes, and is seriously addicting!

Cats playing with iPet toys

Playing with adoptable cats at the Humane Society of Dallas from my office computer in Maryland

The iPet team has some great stories about how the cameras have affected adoptions for the participating shelters, including a person who flew from New York to South Carolina to adopt the cat he was playing with, a person from Greece who called the shelter to sponsor the adoption fees of a cat he fell in love with, and reports that donations to the shelters have increased by as much as 295% and adoptions by 67%.

Check it out and give some love to the kitties!  And don’t worry, as revealed in Ed’s blog post a couple months ago, viewing cute pets on Petfinder (and in this case, playing with them) improves your productivity!  Share with your friends on Facebook  or tweet about it to spread the fun (tag @petfinder so we can see what you’re saying), and we would love to hear any follow up stories on adoptions inspired by these great cameras.

With a baby and a dog at home, I currently don’t have the capacity to be a real cat parent, but love that iPet’s technology allows me to be a virtual cat parent!

Play with the kittens now!