Pit Bull Mom: Gus saved the day!


A few years back, we had a house fire. We were out of town at the time and had a housesitter staying at the house. Apparently, she heard the dogs barking and let them out when she came in. She then laid down, and didn’t wake up until the firemen were pulling her out. The dogs and housesitter were all OK. My house, however, was not in the best of shape.  And my cat was stressed.

Gus looks awfully heroic in this picture!

At the time, I had a cat, Jake. Jake has since passed away from kidney disease. But at the time, Jake was well and he hid from the fire in the washing machine. The firemen found him in there and brought him out to the house sitter and my parents who had just arrived. Jake, however, was frightened and just wanted out!!! So, he scratched the firemen and ran off.

We caught an earlier flight home and started the search for Jake. For a week, we searched, but there was no Jake to be found. We left food out for him but there was no way to know if the food was being eaten by Jake or wildlife. All we knew is that it was gone.

Eventually, we brought the dogs by the house. We were going to rebuild on the same site, and didn’t want them to forget their yard. So, we brought them into the yard and unleashed them so they could run and play. They ran for a bit, but then Gus stopped. A dead halt and then he just focused on the shed that we have in the back of our yard. Totally focused and not moving. So, we went to check it out. And who was under the shed? Yep! It was Jake! Jake was found and safe and sound.

And Gus saved the day!