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My life with a house bunny


When I was a child my animal-loving heart was never allowed to have a dog. My parents got me a rabbit for my ninth birthday as a compromise to the “you want to have a dog but we want you to have fish” conflict. I wanted something furry to play with and my parents wanted a lower maintenance pet. I learned that while not necessarily low-maintenance pets, rabbits are amazing animals. I always dreamed of one day having my own house rabbit who lived indoors as an adult.

Mario's Petfinder Profile

The Petfinder profile that caught my attention.


When I was living on my own I decided to finally take the plunge. I scoured numerous Petfinder rabbit profiles and settled on a very adorable lop rabbit. I named the bunny “Mario” since he shared the mustache similarity to the Nintendo video game character of the same name. My Mario prefers to not discuss the fact that his mustache is somehow positioned above his nose instead of below it.

It has been quite the adventure the last nine years together. Mario is litter box trained and lives in a pen in our living room. When you incorporate rabbits into your home the way cats and dogs are traditionally included, they reward you with so much love, comedy and antics.

Bunny birthday

Celebrating Mario’s tenth birthday!

We recently celebrated Mario’s tenth birthday! I add one year onto our time together to get his estimated age since he was fully grown when adopted. I am looking forward to sharing with you tales of my life with a house bunny.

Sandra lives in San Francisco with her husband and Mario. To get more Mario tales, visit her blog at RoadBunner. Sometimes rabbits and sometimes running but over there Mondays are always for Mario.

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