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My cat helped my relationship


Being a cat parent and a lady, I’ve gotten asked more than a few times whether I’ve let my cat have a say in who I date. It’s a cliche and sounds silly, I know, but my cat definitely played a part in my boyfriend and I getting together — and staying together. I did break up with one guy because he tried to claim that cats were evil and didn’t understand why I didn’t his jokes about putting my cat into a river to be funny. Getting rid of that guy was the right decision. Love me, love my cat could be my motto.

On the other hand, my boyfriend of now several years, treated Toby differently. The first time he met Toby, there were serious signs of feline approval. My boyfriend knelt down, looked to the side, and let Toby sniff his hand before scratching him behind his ears. I’m not ashamed to admit that my heart melted. I knew a cat guy was the right kind of guy for me.

Gray short hair cat with a stuffed toy

Toby knows that he chose well.

After we’d been dating for a bit, Toby even provided a way of easing the awkwardness of meeting my boyfriend’s parents. I’m naturally slightly nervous when meeting new people, especially new people whose opinion I care about! For me, one of the biggest worries is what to say, and how I’ll possibly find something in common to talk about. Toby provided an easy topic of conversation! I could bring up Toby, then ask about his dad’s Collies or the cats his mom has known. We now have other things we can discuss, but for those first meetings, being able to babble about Toby definitely settled my nerves!

I’ve written before about our early dates to the local animal shelter to socialize the cats.We still love to watch a movie at home with Toby or take turns tossing toys for Toby to fetch. Toby even tends to diffuse the little arguments that can sometimes crop up. I swear, he can tell when there’s tension and purposefully does something cute and silly to make us laugh. The first time I heard my boyfriend refer to Toby as “our” cat caused me to grin like a fool. Knowing that he loves Toby as much as I do? One of the best relationship signs ever.

I’ve told friends that Toby is responsible for discovering my passion for pet adoption, which is true, I should also tell them that he’s also responsible (at least in part) for my relationship.

Want your own adorable relationship-helper? Search for an adoptable Russian Blue cat like Toby near you! Full disclosure — we’re not certain Toby is a Russian Blue, but it’s the breed we think he looks most like! His original shelter listed him as Domestic Short Hair but a few vet tech friends all said that he looks and feels like a Russian Blue so it’s what we believe him to be. His personality is much more what those of Korat cats or Chartreux cats are reported to be! It’s all in good fun though — he’s our all American cat, a mixture just like my boyfriend (Lebenese, German, and a handful of other nationalities) and myself (Polish, Irish, German, Czech).

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