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A cat finds his way home after 8 years!


Here’s another sweet lost-cat reunion story from our partner HomeAgain. You can help lost pets get home again: Sign up to receive lost pet alerts when a dog or cat goes missing in your area.

Never Say Never — by Leticia in Davis, CA

Orange cat

Skittles came home after eight years!

Almost 8 years ago, in the process of moving our cat Skittles, he freaked out when he saw our house empty. He ran outside never to be found. We searched and came back many times but no Skittles. On Thursday March 21, 2013 on my daughters 16th birthday, I received a call from a vet clinic in Woodland, twenty miles from where I live. They said they had found my cat. I was a little confused because I have 3 cats at home and I wondered how either one managed to get that far in such short time. Then I realized she asked for me by my once last name (divorced now) and that’s when it hit me. I loudly said Skittles. And I went to the vet to pick him up.

A family had been feeding him two weeks prior to the call. They thought he was a feral cat but then saw he was sweet. They finally managed to get him in a crate; you see he’s like a big Simba. They took him in for a microchip scan. After picking him up I was so excited. My daughters and their friends were in tears. I was too but was also torn because I was aware he had been with someone else for eight years and now someone was missing him like we once did.

I called the animal shelter, SPCA and checked the newspapers to see of anyone had reported a lost cat with his description. I did it because I think it’s the best thing to do for Skittles and not because I don’t want him or can’t take him in. There were no reports or anything so Skittles is once again home with us. He’s doing great, still adjusting and getting acquainted with us and the rest of the family animals. I’m thankful to the family who loved him, the family who found him and the HomeAgain microchip. Never say never as if it’s meant for you it will return.

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