Romeo’s Wake up: Fun with Boxes

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Nothing, I mean nothing says, “WAKE UP!” like the rustling of brown paper in a box. But it was the female staff’s fault for creating the opportunity, however unintentional.

What box? What cat? I don’t see anything….

She left the shipping box on the floor, filled with paper. DUH. What did she expect me to do? Last night I was too sleepy to investigate but when I got up at 5 a.m. today I was ready for action! First, I pawed at it. Then, I rubbed my face pheromones all over it, lest anyone else try to claim it as their own (ahem, Pugsley). Then, I jumped into the box. I batted the paper with one paw. Then two paws. Then, I picked up the paper and crinkled it with both paws, making a beautiful rustling sound.

Next, I pounced. Then rolled around in the box. Then pounced again.


I stopped and peeked out of the box.

Then, recommenced my fun.


I stopped again…but only for a second. I was already in trouble so figured I might as well have some more fun!

Rustle, jump, paw, crunch, YEOOOOOOOWL.

Finally, the female staff got out of bed, looked down at me sitting in the box and said sternly, “It’s way too early! You are a very bad boy!” I looked up at her with my best sad eyes.

And, as usual she melted. And, just like that, all was fine and BREAKFAST was on the way! She even left the box there….sucker.

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