I am a cat parent, and now so is my husband

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When I met my husband Joe, the only pet he ever had was a hermit crab named Tim when he was a small child. He even initially told me that although he loved dogs, he didn’t like cats. Knowing that most men do like cats but just don’t know it yet, I pursued the relationship. I’m sure he instantly knew he was in for a lifestyle change when he found out I had a dog of my own, a foster dog, 2 cats and a feral foster kitten. Luckily, he was quick to edit his thinking of cats. He even encourages the pets to sleep with us now rather than in our son’s bedroom – and he chooses to sleep with the cat when I am traveling. He is a prime example of men who thought loving cats wasn’t “manly”, but once he opened his mind to the idea he saw how fun it was to have a cat. I think half his love of animals is based on them helping him clean plates after dinner, but he loves them nonetheless. When our cat Cozy was at the end of his life a few months back, Joe was so thoughtful and caring toward him. It really is so endearing to see.

Homer is enjoying some quality time on the couch.

In Petfinder’s I am A Cat Parent Campaign we are working to help dispel the myths of what cats are all about, as well as the stereotypes regarding the people who love them.  My favorite part of the gallery is the cool cat dads feature. Kudos to all who have chosen to participate!

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