I would hop 500 miles


I was living in New York City when I first got Mario. When my husband and I moved to San Francisco six years ago, Mario had to come along, too. We took two weeks driving across the country. Half the car seemed to be filled with things that Mario needed for the journey.

Mario in car

We are ready to roll!

Rabbits can get stressed in cars, but Mario handled it fairly well. In the hotels, we usually kept Mario in the bathroom. He was housed in either a collapsable enclosure if there were enticing things to chew on within his reach or sometimes just loose in the bathroom with the door shut.

Traveling cage

The first hotel in Virginia.

I would let Mario stretch his legs in the hotel room when we could supervise him. He was a trooper with his litter box and never had an accident in any of the hotels.

Hotel playtime

Hotel romp in South Dakota.

We had to time our traveling to not have him in the car for too long of a period. We also had to plan the sightseeing to be sure he was in a safe place while we were out and about. This was difficult when we were down in Arizona. The weather was warm and we were in between hotels so couldn’t leave him somewhere indoors. So Mario got into his carrier and joined us as we viewed the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon

Mario at the Grand Canyon.

It isn’t every bunny who can say he has seen the Grand Canyon.