I am a (late) cat parent

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I love my cat, Toby. He improves my life is so many ways just by being who he is. I sleep better when I can hear him purring, snuggled down by my feet. I will laugh, even after the toughest, most stressful day, when I come home and he runs to greet me at the door. Toby has, without a doubt, made my life better. The one thing he hasn’t done, is get me out the door on time.

gray cat

Who would want to disturb such a peaceful cat by getting up?

Sometimes I’m a little jealous of Caroline, Romeo’s mom. You can see from Romeo’s blog posts — he wakes her up! Toby, on the other hand, rarely wakes me up in the morning. Instead, I open my eyes and he’s sitting, looking at me, purring loudly like an engine of sleepiness. Sometimes I wake up and he’s sitting on my alarm clock, looking proud of turning it off. I’m already not a morning person and would far rather idle in bed than jump up at first light. Add a cuddly, soft cat to the mix… and it’s no wonder I tend to rush through the morning once I’m out of bed, even with a backup alarm set!

Here are other honest-to-heaven excuses I’ve sent friends, family and even my boss explaining my lateness that are due to Toby:

  1. Smelly poo — If Toby uses the litterbox right before I leave for the day, I can’t help but put down my purse and grab the scooper. I just don’t want to let it sit all day.
  2. Medicine on my blouse — the day after Toby had his teeth pulled in February, I had to text my boss to say I’d be late. Toby had expressed his disgust for his antibiotics by spitting it up on my work clothes. After that, I switched to medicating Toby while still in my pajamas.
  3. Toby was cuddly — I’ve never used this for being late to work. But, I’ve definitely texted my boyfriend to say I’ll be late to meet him somewhere because Toby decided to cuddle. He’s done the same thing.
  4. Toby wanted to play fetch — I know, I should have more self-control, but seriously, how can I say no to Toby wanting to play when I’m just leaving to go to the farmer’s market or meet friends for margaritas? Obviously, the game of fetch is more important. Thankfully my friends usually forgive me.
  5. Cat escape –Not quite as dangerous as it sounds, I promise. We live in an apartment building with an internal hallway and Toby is afraid of the elevator so he’s not in danger of getting outside. He is however an expert as appearing to be asleep on the far side of the apartment and then, two seconds later, as I’m closing the door behind me, showing me a streak of gray as he goes running down to the end of the hallway. Once there, he just turns, looks at me, and quivers his tail with joy.


Tell us: Have you ever been late because of your pet?