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Happy Tail: A Chihuahua chases away the blues


After Jo Cramer’s 13-year-old Chihuahua, Moose, passed away in October, the Ronan, MT, woman found it difficult to cope with the ordinary routines of life. Then, things got worse; her dad passed away. She felt lost and alone, even though she had other family around her.

Heather's happy tail

Read Heather’s story in Jo’s words.

She decided she had to do something to bring her out of her depression over these two significant losses, and a companion pet seemed like the answer.

“I searched all of the animal shelters here in Montana for a few months, and then a couple of weeks ago, there she was!” Jo says. The dog, Heather, was listed on Petfinder by Thompson River Animal Care Shelter in Thompson Falls, MT. She was a 1-1/2 year old Chihuahua.

The shelter folks told her it might take a little while for her to warm up to her new “mom,” but within a week the little pooch was coming out of her shell. “Before we go to sleep at night,” Jo says, “She and I play with her squeaky bone toy until she finally tires out and then curls up next to me and crashes. She sits with me in my recliner every night when I get home from work and follows me if I get up and move around.”

Jo was also told that the dog didn’t like men, but she warmed up to Jo’s husband right away, too. If Heather had reservations about some people, it certainly wasn’t evident with the Cramers. She even loves to play with their cat, Tank. “They romp and play like they have always known each other and it is just awesome,” Jo says. These signs seem to show that this was an adoption meant to be, and this little tri-colored Chihuahua has chased Jo’s blues away.

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