Five stories that made me believe in cat magic


There is something mystic about the cat. We have a pet who has been a companion of humans through nearly all of recorded history. A pet who was regarded as something almost divine from civilizations as old as the Incas to the ancient Persians and Egyptians. On Cyprus a grave over 9,000 years old was unearthed to reveal the remains of a person and a cat side by side. The cat has been with us from time immemorial and still displays abilities that we cannot understand or explain.

Boo Casper

Boo Casper an adoptable, and possibly magical, cat in Colorado.

One of the most impressive of cats’ abilities has been their skill at finding their way home across vast distances. It’s been reported again and again, but researchers are still unable to explain how. Here are just some of the many examples that demonstrate this feline magic.

  • In January of 2013 Holly the cat, who rarely ventured outside her Florida home, traveled over 200 miles back home after getting lost while on a road-trip in her family’s RV in Daytona Beach, Florida. Two months later she appeared, 13-pounds lighter, in a neighbor’s yard back in her home of West Palm Beach reports the New York Times.
  • A Kitchener, Ontario cat named Madonna found her way back home after her parent moved with her to Windsor, Ontario. Apparently she preferred her old home, because she went missing a few weeks after the move and, four years later, is said to have showed up back at the Kitchener home, about 175 miles away, say our friends at Animal Planet.
  • Giggle-Blizzard, a Florida cat, did not travel as far as the others, but his story is just as impressive as reported in the Tampa Bay Times. After getting struck by a car that crushed his hind legs, Giggle-Blizzard spent the next  11 days dragging himself back home. He got patched up, but maybe it’s time to give him a much tougher name.
  • A Persian cat named Howie crossed 1,000 miles (yes, ONE THOUSAND) of Australian outback to get home to his family in Adelaide after being taken to the Gold Coast to stay with a relative. The trip took him one year from door to door and also comes from Animal Planet.
  • Another Persian may have Howie beat though. According to legend, Sugar traveled for fourteen months over 1,500 miles of wild terrain from Anderson, California to Gage, Oklahoma. Her family had moved and had left her behind with a friend. She traveled to a home she had never been before, in an area she had never seen. She did this with a deformed hip that made even car rides uncomfortable.

No explanation has ever been given for how all these cats found their way home, other than the obvious: that cats have magical and mystic ancient powers from beyond the stars.