Another lucky pet finds a home within my family

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During a visit to my veterinarian for the removal of Bingo’s broken tooth a couple of months ago, she mentioned that she was heading in for surgery on her hand, but she had a sick puppy who needed fostering for a few days. His name was Marco, and he was all of 8 pounds of wiggly love. I agreed to foster him for a few days. The next day, my mother had expressed an interest in fostering him, so she came and got him from me for what I presumed was a few days. My parents fell for little Marco, and after 6 weeks of fostering they decided they were going to keep him.

Sweet Sue just pretends little Marco isn’t tormenting her.

Their middle-age dog, Sue, is not thrilled with the idea, as she just had her first full year of being without puppies since being rescued from an Ohio shelter where she was surrendered with her 9 six month old puppies. But, she sure does love having a little guy to snuggle up with for a nap. For one reason or another, the cats never showed interest in napping with Sue.

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