Animal control officer goes the distance for a Shih Tzu

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You have to appreciate the work of animal control officers like Enna Lugo in Fairfax County, VA, who made it her project to rescue a Shih Tzu, who had been on her own for more than two years in Franconia VA, according to an article by Justin Jouvenal in the Washington Post. The dog was living paw-to-mouth on whatever she could find in the way of food, dining on cat food left for outdoor felines, among other things.

Romey, an adoptable Shih Tzu, is at the Humane Society of Fairfax County, VA.

Romey, an adoptable Shih Tzu, is at the Humane Society of Fairfax County, VA.

Officer Lugo got on the case in January, and it took a couple of months of detective work to track down the pooch, called Biscuit by kids in the neighborhood.

Finally, at the end of her leash, Lugo organized a “doggie dragnet” on April 6 with”about 14 Animal Control officers and volunteers,” according to Jouvenal. They were closing in on a patio where Biscuit had been sleeping, but once again the cagy pup eluded capture. A break in the case came when a volunteer spotted Biscuit bedded down in a pile of leaves nearby.

The team captured her with pole nets and took the matted and dirty little dog to a veterinary clinic for treatment. She had 44 ticks and a skin infection, but otherwise was in good condition, considering how long she had  been on her own. Now she is living with Office Lugo until she gets used to being a house pet. Once she is socialized, she’ll be offered for adoption, on Petfinder, we hope.

Stories like this make you appreciate the lengths to which animal control officers go to help homeless pets. This is National Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week, so you might want to take some donuts or cookies to the Animal Control staff in your county or city.