Adopting a special needs cat has many rewards

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Ultimately, adopting a special needs pet is its own reward. However, there are so many additional benefits to having any pet in your home – special needs or not.Homer was brought into St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center as a 6 week old kitten with 2 issues: First, he is an all black cat, which makes him harder to adopt. Second, he has Anophthalmia (he was born without eyes), which means he must have had a pretty great mother who raised him outdoors to 6 weeks of age when somebody finally found him.

Homer is very special to me, but not because of his disability.

I thought that having Homer in the house would be challenging and I would always have to be afraid of him harming himself. To the contrary, he is very independent and gets around with no problems whatsoever. He has incredible hearing and will come running if I rub my fingers together from the next room. Adopting him really made me appreciate how amazingly animals adapt to obstacles in life.