A Labrador Retriever mix performs an Easter miracle

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On Easter Sunday, Rocky, a Labrador Retriever/Husky mix pulled a nine-year-old girl, Samara Wagner, from an icy river in Edmonton, AL. By the time Adam Shaw and Rocky, who were walking nearby, reached the ice, after hearing screams for help, both Samara and her sister had fallen into the water, according to Brad Lennon, CNN.

Adoptable Labrador Retriever

Jordan, a Labrador Retriever, awaits a home at Redemption Road Rescue in Crystal, MN.

Shaw was able to help Samara’s sister onto the ice, but the next thing Shaw knew, the ice had given out under him and Rocky as well. Things were going from bad to worse. As they struggled to get back on the ice, Samara was drifting farther downstream.

Once they were on the ice again, the man and dog hurried after Samara. Once they overtook her, Shaw told CTV, a CNN affiliate, that he put the leash around Rocky and urged him to get in the water. He told Samara that if she could get hold of the leash, they could her back to the ice. Rocky jumped right in by Samara, who managed to get the leash. Shaw called the dog to him and was able to drag both of them onto the ice and away from the water’s edge.

Shaw’s wife had called 911, and a rescue unit arrived on the scene and whisked the girls off to the hospital, a tragedy averted.

Shaw and Rocky are heroes, and we think Rocky is an angel in a dog suit. Watch the clip below:

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