Working from home can disappoint my dog


I appreciate the fact that I have a home office. It allows me the freedom to exercise Bingo every day on my lunch break and supply my cat with a necessary lap to sleep in. Of course, this also means the pets believe I stay home all day to serve their needs. If they want anything, they come and sit at my feet and stare at me with desperation.

They try really hard to get my attention when they want anything!

Eventually they will give up and go lay down if I can’t respond, but they also know that the pathetic looks they’ve mastered will often lead to them getting their way. I know they love having me home, and having them close definitely brightens my day.

If you don’t have a home office, you can look into these tips to keep your cat from getting bored while you’re gone or busy. If your dog gets bored while you are away all day at work, try these tips.